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We transport our tiny houses and cabins with a fully insured freight company who specialise in tiny homes. 


Using custom-built super low loader trailers takes all the stress off the house when moving to create a stress-free move.


We deliver New Zealand-wide.




Our team specialise in the transport of Tiny homes and in particular the difficult off-road deliveries.

With specialised gear such as a 4wd tractor unit and a trailer that has sideways wheels to walk it around tight corners, as well as portable winches and other specialty equipment, this all helps us ensure we can get your home safely on site.

Our towing service is owner operated. Driving daily, our small tight-knit team will ensure your home is well cared for when it is in their care.

Our goal is:

Delivery made easy

With all the appropriate licences and correct insurances in place, you can insure your tiny home or cabin is in the best hands when using our delivery team.


Pricing is quoted on a per-job basis as each job is dependent on on-site access and remoteness.

Let us know your contact details and address and we can get our transport contractor to supply a quote.


FLATPACKS - Contact us for flatpack delivery pricing .

Flatpacks are generally very straight forward for delivery as they can be off loaded almost anywhere. In most cases someone will need to be onsite for placement of goods.



A lot of the building supplies will need to be kept in the dry, so there will need to be some forward planning. Often we can deliver in stages to cut down on storage space required at one time.


For the South Island we can load a complete flatpack into either a hire or client owned container. If you own the container this can be unloaded at your site at your leisure which provides semi secure/watertight on site storage during construction and you have a container to either keep or onsell at the end of the project OR you hire a container which has limited time (from 3 to 5 days) on site while you unload, then you need secure/weathertight storage for some of the materials.



COMPLETE BUILD - Contact us for complete build delivery pricing .

Delivery Examples of completed buildings.

The cost for delivery of a complete build can vary due to site access and whether a pilot vehicle and, or road management is required. There is also the possibly that if the Tiny Home is not a straight forward lift on lift off, that a crane may be required at an additional cost.


Note: For an uncomplicated delivery, on an average you will need a 5 metre driveway entrance access and room to drive or back in. Preference is to be able to back/drive in over the pre installed screw pile foundations, then lower the cabin onto the foundations.


Most of our Tiny Homes are built in Tauranga and delivered North Island Wide. If we have active builders in other areas it is possible they can build on their yards or build onsite, thereby reducing delivery costs.


Transport Quote


Our towing services were created by Angus Hamilton who owned a vehicle recovery business. Upon buying a tiny House he quickly realised how hard it was to organise the transport of it from the South Island to the North.

“Awesome service from Angus and the team delivering my tiny house this morning. polite, efficient and great communication. I highly recommend these guys..”

Belinda Mckie

“Absolute pleasure to work with. Angus is the man if you need anything towed! Highly recommend.

Moved my parent's little house and nothing was an issue for him, happy to go that extra mile.”

Lyall Conde

‘‘I’d rate them 100/5 stars if Facebook would let me. We got turned down by every other haulage company in NZ & put in the “too hard box”. Angus & team took on the challenge with ease. Everything from communication months prior to the move to the actual move was excellent. Our move definitely presented some challenges & i was highly impressed by the positive attitude and skill of the whole team. The absolute best there is & would highly recommend. Was an absolute pleasure to work with Angus & the team. They go above and beyond, very very very pleased with the experience from start to finish’’.

Kelly Boal

‘‘where to start - was very despondent after having my tiny built to be told it may not get up the long winding crazy driveway. I reached out to Angus and was immediately put at ease with his professional and relaxed manner. He did an amazing job at getting my 10.6 x 2.8 into it's home. Highly recommend Angus and his company.’’

Debbie Staite

‘‘Angus and crew really know their job.

Mine was moved and sited within hours.

Plus a few laughs along the way.’’

Margaret Dagger

Angus moved our new build tiny home from Dunedin to it's new home an hour and a half away, he really looked after it taking care to tape all openings and fixtures in it that the builders or us hadn't even thought about. Due to rain, access to the site was not as straight forward as it would have been a day before and we were prepared for it to have to be left on hard standing on our land to then move via tractor afterwards but he did a site assessment and felt comfortable moving it to it's final site and managed it very competently. thank you Angus and we will always recommend you above all others. Angus also maintained good communication with us throughout the whole process and charged a really fair and reasonable rate.

Sarah Mchex