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You have the option for us to look after the complete build OR if you are a Licensed Building Practitioner or have family or friends that can take care of the construction, then we have flatpack options available for you.


Example Pricing from our Miro Tiny Home


Shell Flatpack

Complete Flatpack
Complete Build

Shell Flatpack:
Includes everything listed below for your builder of choice to construct to a lockable shell stage.

Note: The Shell flatpack does not include items such as plumbing, wiring, wall or ceiling linings. As stated, this is only the shell. The completion of the shell can be supplied or built in stages if required.


Lockable Shell Flatpack Includes:

  • Bearers/skids
  • Assembled steel floor, wall and roof panels
  • Underfloor insulation
  • Plyfloor
  • Thermal break to roof and exterior walls
  • Vitor + TR5 profile roofing
  • Vitor + box gutters with PVC downpipes
  • Vitor + corrugated vertical wall cladding
  • LUX vertical interlocking feature wall cladding
  • Double glazed aluminium joinery
  • Timber landing (if on plan)

Outside cladding varies for our Pioneer series and some of our Pod Builds to:

  • Un-painted rib profile roofing
  • Un-painted batten and Ply vertical wall cladding


Contact Footprint Homes for specifications, these can be changed out according to your requirements


Complete Flatpack:
A Complete flatpack kitset includes 100% of the supplies required to complete your cabin or tiny home, from timber bearers to the window and floor coverings. The complete flatpack is delivered to your site for your Licensed Building Practitioner team to construct. We include all the materials listed under the complete flatpack specification on each design specification page. Your construction team are responsible for supplying some of the fixings. Optional upgrades are also available.


Complete Build:

Complete builds include everything needed to complete your cabin or tiny home that Footprint Homes build on one of our construction yards and delivered ready to move in. If that is not possible due to access, we can build onsite. Included are all the complete flatpack materials listed on each design specification page. Optional upgrades are also available.


Not included:

Delivery costs to supply flatpacks or tiny home/cabins trucked to site, builders travel, foundations, services to site, council fees.



Our 11 designs are in the final stages of being Multiproofed, which is a statement by the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE) that a set of plans and specifications for a building complies with the Building Code.


Multiproof plans speed up the Building Consent process but do not remove the need to obtain one. You still need to apply for a Building Consent each time you want to build one of our designs.


Multiproof establishes that our designs comply with the NZ Building Code. When your Building Consent application includes a Multiproof plan the BCA must grant or refuse it within 10 working days instead of the usual 20.


The Building Consent Authority (BCA) confirms and establishes:

  • the design, with any permitted variations, is the same as the design approved in the MultiProof
  • the proposed site meets the conditions of the Multiproof plan
  • the site-specific features of the design comply with the Building Code


Building Consent (BC) / Code Compliance Certificate (CCC)

Prior to the commencement of construction, all our Tiny Homes require a Building Consent (BC) this can be applied for by your building company, Footprint Homes NZ Ltd, or yourself. Once the build is complete and has been signed off by the council, the Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) can be applied for.





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