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Code Compliance Certificate (CCC)

The code compliance certificate (CCC) confirms the work done complies with the building consent
Our constructed Tiny Homes do not leave our yard/s without a CCC.  
Costing of the
OFF Site Building consent and CCC certificate is dependent on the size of the Tiny Home and varies across the country/regions.
The estimated cost is from $
4000 to $6000 depending on the value of the build. Contact us for pricing in your area. This OFF site construction BC should be issued within 10 working days of the date of application.

Then when you apply for an ON Site BC to locate your Tiny Home on your site, there will be additional fees to pay. Again this BC should be issued within 10 working days of the date of application.
If constructing on your site our
Planning consultants can offer advice on Council ON Site CCC requirement's. 

Do I need Resource consent?

Generally speaking, each council has a differing opinion on minor dwellings or additional homes on a site. We recommend that you either check directly with your local council or use our planning consultant to answer any questions relating to building or resource consents. This advice comes at an extra cost to the client.


Do I need a building consent?

When you are connecting to any Council Services or doing anything in the ground i.e installing foundations or drainage you will need a Building Consent.

If there is a toilet or bathroom in your cabin you  need council consent. Basically, if there is water going into your cabin the council want to know where it is going after that.

Once again, you can talk directly to your local council or use our specialised consultant https://www.footprinthomes.co.nz/consenting-process  However, this comes at an extra cost to the client.

What are the height to boundary rules?

Tiny Homes are subject to the usual height-to-boundary rules.  You are responsible for compliance of these. Ensure you are familiar with these and have enough space to ensure compliance. Consents are subject to local council regulations and we recommend you seek guidance and clarification from your local council before committing. Generally a Tiny Home can be located no closer to the boundary than the overall height of the adjacent wall. Check with Council and/or ask neighbours for written permission if required.

Do you offer a warranty on your builds?

We provide a 5 year build warranty for all our builds.

How long does it take to build your Footprint Home?

It takes approximately 3-4 weeks to construct tour Tiny Home plus another 3 weeks to complete the interior painting/floor coverings etc, however the lead time varies from the date the deposit is made to completion as this is dependent on how long the council takes to issue the building consent

Can I use my Kiwisaver to buy a Tiny Home


It is a grey area where you can use your KiwiSaver. Our understanding is that if you own your own land and it is your first home then you can use it. However, you are best to contact your provider for more information.

What are the terms of payment?

We require a $10,000 deposit for orders under $150,000

$15,000 deposit for orders over $150,000

This will hold the prices and enable us to get any building consent processes underway.

Note: This Deposit is non-refundable and is your commitment to purchasing. However if you cannot obtain a Building consent then we agree to refund some of the Deposit. T’s & C’s apply


Are your Tiny Homes built on trailers?

No we don't build Tiny Homes on trailers. All of our homes are built on bearers/skids giving you significantly wider living areas than those built on trailers ie 3.6m versus 2.4m.

All our homes are fully transportable.


Can you build our tiny home on our site?

Our preference is to build OFF Site in one of our construction yards and truck to your site. If that is not possible there is the option to build ON Site depending on the availability of builders. T’s and C’s apply.

How much does it cost to transport my Tiny Home to site?

It is an additional cost to transport your tiny home to site.

Go to this link for more information:


Are the Tiny Homes heavy?

Our standard 30m2 cabin weighs approx 5 tonne erected and completed.

The larger models weigh from 8 tonne upward.

Can we make changes to the exterior or interior of the tiny home?

If the changes are minor no costs will be incurred

If you alter the plan and changes are structural  this will incur additional architectural design and engineering costs.


Are all your tiny homes fully insulated?
All Footprint tiny homes are insulated to the current standard effective from November 2022.
All tiny homes have double-glazed windows with LOWE glass and are built to NZ Building Code
How is the water supply, gas & power connected?

Your on site water supply will hookup to the connection provided at the exterior of the tiny home 

If you need to connect to a water tank, you will need a pressure pump to supply your home with enough pressure.

ALL external water sources should have mechanical water filtration.

LPG Gas Swappa bottles power the Gas Califont for hot water. The standard gas califont is 20 litres per minute.

All Footprint Homes are fitted with a 16 or 32 amp outdoor caravan power point which can be upgraded to a standard M Box connection.

How does waste water work in the tiny homes?

You can either hook up to council services or put in a Naturalflow powerless drainage system or septic tank.

Footprint Homes also have off grid solutions available. Talk to us about your requirements.

Don’t have the land to put your tiny house on. What're my options?

www.landshare.nz  this is a free website connecting land owners and tiny house owner. 

Join your local facebook community groups to advertise that you are looking for land to lease. Give as much information in your post to help land owners to know exactly what you are looking for.

Put together a detailed flyer and drop them off in the areas you are interested in moving to.

What are NZ Climate Zones about?

There are six climate zones in NZ. The climate zone boundaries are based on climatic data taking into consideration territorial authority boundaries.

To find out how this affects you - Go to:



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