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Our Goal

Is to simplify your mortgage application




Our advisors are meticulously selected to guide you through your finance options. Each member is a licenced mortgage broker, equipped with extensive training and expertise to assist you effectively.


Many individuals acquire multiple properties throughout their lives. Our dedicated team strives to provide unwavering support, fostering a relationship that will inspire you to choose us again in the future.


Our team is well-versed in understanding the mindset of lenders and identifying what makes an application appealing to them. Together, we will navigate the paperwork process and recommend the best lender for your unique needs.


Our Mortage advisers will need


  • The Footprint Home or Cabin you are wanting finance for.
  • An exclusive estimate tailored to your site by our sister company, Taylormade Housing, provided at zero cost to you. This will give our brokers a comprehensive breakdown of all expenses for your construction project, including site preparations, foundations, council fees, and even the smallest details like a letterbox if needed.
  • What is your income and any debts.
  • What properties do you own.
  • How much is your deposit.
  • Do you have children living at home or dependents.
  •  If you do not own the land, do you have a signed document from the owner advising the terms of lease or right to occupy.
  • Our Advisors will give you indicative rates, costs, and estimated payments upfront.


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Site-specific build estimate: We can supply a detailed site specific estimate covering all aspects of your build, from foundations to decks. You will need to provide your site address for a personalised estimate from Footprint Home at no cost. This is perfect documentation that can help your broker sail through your application.