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We design and install high-quality solar power systems tailored to the needs of your tiny home. There are many benefits to going solar, particularly for people who need to live off grid. This renewable energy source is low maintenance, less expensive, and better for New Zealand’s precious environment. 



Our Solar Systems are powered by Auckland’s leading provider of residential solar energy solutions. Our Solar Systems are high-quality solar power systems tailored to the needs of your cabin or tiny home. 


Our vision is to help Kiwi households save money on their power bills and reduce their environmental impact. We’re passionate about our work, and over the years we’ve built a reputation for delivering the very best in customer service, technical expertise and quality workmanship. 


With more than 20 years of collective experience in the electrical and solar power industry, we know exactly what it takes to create high-performing solar power systems. Combining state-of-the-art technology with tried and true design processes, our professional...”


For sustainable living

All our Tiny Houses are designed and can be upgraded with off grid options. We support and want to provide all our customers the option of independent living off the grid, encouraging a more conscious and sustainable life for them and their families.


Solar Power

Solar Power can be added as an upgrade to all our models and custom designs. The panels are installed in the Tiny House`s roof and depending on the roof’s shape and design will affect the amount of panels that may be installed. Another more practical option is to have the solar panels mounted on the ground.


Off Grid

Please keep in mind that going off grid is an in-depth process and may require you to modify some of your habits and possibly reduce your energy consumption. Some appliances have a very high-energy consumption and may need to be replaced by more energy efficient options. Appliances such as: Air Conditioning, electric kettles, electric toasters, electric cooktops and ovens may need to be substituted for more energy efficient alternatives when going off grid.


Tailored Solar Systems

We have tailored Solar system packages to suit most energy requirements. All our packages come with Lithium batteries. Technology has developed immensely to incorporate the use of Lithium batteries which are smaller and weigh considerably less than the old AGM batteries.

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