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Tiny Home System

About the Product

The NaturalFlow Series NF600TH Treatment System was developed to meet the needs of a Tiny Home and other low flow situations. With a goal of reducing the size and reducing the price, we have developed a system just for you. Capable of handling flows up to 640L per day, the NF600TH will service 1-2 bedroom dwellings, cabins, sleepouts and rural workshops.


The NaturalFlow Series NF600TH Treatment System, developed and manufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions, is designed to quickly and efficiently turn all your wastewater into high quality irrigation water, through biological purification techniques and processes, that require no electricity or moving parts. As a result of this; maintenance and operational costs are extremely low, and reliability maximized.

  • Capable of treating a total daily flow volume of 640 litres to ‘Advanced Primary’ treatment level
  • More Compact Module – fits your space 1.2mW x 1.35mL x 1.2mH

  • Commonly used for small 1 – 2 bedroom houses and also smaller sleep-outs, bach's, recreational and transportable dwellings, farm accommodation and other temporary dwellings or rural commercial sites with up to 10 day staff

  • Land Application Systems – LPED surface or subsurface, ETS bed, soakage bed, conventional trenches, mounds, sand trenches and arches (not suitable for PCDI dripline)




Two People: NF600P - contact us for pricing


Up to eight people: NF8000P - contact us for pricing


As an exceptional septic tank alternative, NaturalFlow is the wastewater solution for New Zealand’s rural homes and businesses. These robust, power-free sewage treatment systems in NZ have very little maintenance requirements and are cost-effective throughout their lifetime, making them good replacements for traditional septic tanks.

Find out how nature is harnessed to treat wastewater with your new Tiny Home today.


No Power Required

Use the sustainable forces of nature to treat your water and save on power bills. Meaning there’s no power required during the treatment processes and on very flat sites a small pump is all that maybe needed to move the treated water from the NaturalFlow system to the Land Application Field.

Minimal Maintenance

NaturalFlow takes care of itself without constant monitoring and mechanical repairs, just like a natural ecosystem, giving you the chance to spend more time on the important areas in your life. You are assured of a robust, long-lasting system.

Cost Effective

With uncomplicated installation, daily operation and no power required in the treatment processes, the NaturalFlow system is cost effective from day one and financially sustainable into the future. With an option to reuse your grey water, you can save valuable water resource.

Modular System

The NaturalFlow is a modular system designed to suit your individual site needs. From primary through to secondary treatment, your system is designed for your specific site and your particular needs. With our expert Wastewater Engineers, you are assured of a system that works with optimal performance.

Septic Tank Replacement

NaturalFlow is a revolutionary passive wastewater system that treats wastewater using zero power. Using nature’s filtering processes, the NaturalFlow system is lightweight and requires minimal maintenance. Contact our dedicated team today and we’ll equip your site with a new septic system that can cater for your existing home and new Tiny Home addition.

Septic Tank Alternative

NaturalFlow provides practical and eco-friendly replacements for septic tanks.


One of the oldest and most basic approaches to treating sewage and wastewater is the classic septic tank. In this traditional system all your sewage and wastewater goes into one tank for separation. The solids then sink and settle to the bottom and the lighter oils etc float to the top to form a scum layer, a process that the ‘industry’ allows 24hrs to fully accomplish. The middle layer then contains the liquid component that is now ideally clear of solids and can be disposed of out to the soakage field.


The issues we experience with this approach is; as the solids and scum layers build up in the tank over time and the middle layer becomes narrower, the passage of wastewater through the tank is faster, so that the separation process is not fully completed and solids can get pushed out to your soakage field, resulting in the foul odours that septic tanks are famous for. The same thing happens when there’s a sudden influx (or shock loading) of sewage and wastewater into your tank (when the families around), and again the solids do not have time to separate and settle, resulting in solid matter (carry-over) passing through to the fields.


This then has a major impact on the soakage fields as the effluent with ‘carry-over’ from the septic tank causes ‘clogging’ or ‘creeping failure’ in the field which can cause pooling or even runoff. This can result in contamination and overflowing trenches, harmful to both humans and animals.


NaturalFlow presents an innovative septic tank alternative by solving these problems from the start. NaturalFlow’s approach separates the solids and liquid right at the beginning of the treatment process, reducing them down to harmless humus by way of vermiculture and other natural media processes. The liquid, now extremely free of contaminates, is furthered filtered before being returned to the environment.


Traditional septic tanks need to be pumped out every 3-5 years. The septic tank replacements that NaturalFlow provides requires little to no system maintenance, while still promising to operate at peak performance for years.

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