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What to expect when purchasing a Flatpack Material Supply Package from Footprint Homes NZ and the optional comprehensive site build solutions from our trusted partners.


We've outlined the key points below to give you peace of mind and clarity on what to expect throughout your journey.

Our inclusive package combines Footprint Homes NZ's Flatpack Kitset material supply, construction by our building partners. If required a full wraparound service to take care of all aspects from foundations, decks to a letterbox and more then we will connect you with TaylorMade solutions. This tripartite partnership ensures an efficient and cost-effective build process.


Wondering how this approach is cost-effective? By working directly with you through a three-way partnership, we cut out extra fees, providing an affordable solution without compromising on quality,  or site expertise..


This flexibility allows you to tailor the process to your specific needs. For those who already have a builder and prefer to oversee the construction themselves, there's the option to simply buy the Flatpack Kitset. No fuss, just the kitset flatpack supplies you need to get started!


Step One; Before you get started: Are you aware of the potential extra expenses when constructing on your property? When you choose to have your project built on one of our yards, we will arrange for a Code of Compliance Certificate (CCC) this is an additional cost of normally $3,500 for council fees and submission (this can vary with different councils). Licensed builders a bound to build within the building code, therefore if you engage one of our suggested builders they will not build without a consent. Once build is completed It will be ready for delivery, allowing us to seamlessly transport it to your location. From there, the responsibility for ensuring your site's compliance rests with you. 
A common misconception is that construction projects under 30sqm do not necessitate a building permit. However, this belief is incorrect. In reality, installing a kitchen or bathroom typically requires obtaining council approval, thereby classifying the structure as a minor dwelling if a second build on your site. Depending on region minor dwellings can incur additional council property development fees, your sale consultant can walk you through this process.
Consenting costs: Should you need assistance with onsite consenting, or if you're uncertain about your ability to build on your property, prior to purchasing one of our flatpack, we've got you covered. TaylorMade is at your disposal and at mininmal cost can conduct a thorough site evaluation, providing you with clear insights on your project's feasibility, potential restrictions, and any obstacles you might face. The costs for this first assessment is $200.00.
Should the initial assessment yield promising results, you can engage our architect to manage the consenting process on your behalf or TaylorMade can continue to work with you on this project, ensuring a smooth progression without the need for you to navigate the complexities yourself.  At this point we will need to finalise your plans for submission to council.
Site costs: Once the site assessment wraps up, you're ready to move forward, should you require additional assistance with site works, we offer two options. One we can introduce you to our network of preferred contractors that you can work with and will give you pricing, your sales consultant can help you connect OR you continue to engage TaylorMade Housing to seamlessly manage this aspect of your project for you. Dive into Step 5 for an exhaustive rundown of potential site work requiments.
If your build is customised and you require a estimate prior to this process then go to step 2 in the first instance
Step 2: Choose your design or we can customise: Once everything is set, Footprint Homes delivers a comprehensive quote covering all building materials outlined in your personalised material specification list. When accepted construction plans compliant with the NZBS Building Code are provided for submission to council, or for your use.
Step 3: Construction Partner: If using one of our preferred builders, they will provide a comprehensive estimate for constructing the dwelling(s), covering all extra fixtures not provided in the Footprint Homes flatpack kit, the necessary labour, which includes complete project management of the construction. Footprint Homes provides an exclusive, no-cost site visit/s to ensure your flatpack construction meets our rigorous quality standards.
Step 4: Your Builder: If you've chosen to work with your own builder, we're here to support you. On request, we can provide our comprehensive build rates chart, offering a clear guide to the expected costs for each contractor involved in your project. Additionally, our online service is readily available to offer your builder any necessary advice throughout the construction process. And, should any supply issues arise, our dedicated product project manager is on hand to ensure everything stays on track.
Step 5. TaylorMade Housing Solutions: TaylorMade Housing Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of services, focusing on Project Management outside of actual construction. They are  here to seamlessly guide you through the entire journey. Project management fees vary by workload, starting from an indicative range of $4,000 to $6,000, tailored to the scope of work involved. At no cost to you, TaylorMade will present a detailed estimate, empowering you to decide whether to partner with them for this phase or you can explore alternative quotes and management solutions. Opting for only specific services from TaylorMade? Rest assured, your project management fees will be adjusted to match your chosen scope of engagement.

  • Site and concept plans
  • Site consent process
  • Building consents, onsite/offsite
  • Geotech Report
  • Stormwater and Waste Reports
  • Site engineering
  • Site works
  • House sitting and contours
  • Foundations
  • Building Delivery
  • Connecting the Building to Services - Power, Water, Sewer, and Stormwater 
  • Services - Wastewater System, Water Tanks, Solar etc 
  • Waste water systems
  • Water tanks
  • Garaging, carport, driveway
  • Additional Decks Steps Handrails and Baseboards 
  • Driveways, Fencing, Landscaping, Clothesline and Letterbox  
Step 6. After finalising details of the project:  
  • For those opting for the Flatpack Kitset option, the process is streamlined for efficiency. First, decide on your color scheme and products – once these choices are locked in, you'll make your initial deposit. Next, we tailor the working drawings specifically to your project's needs. After your approval, it's time to finalise your payment for the Flatpack materials, setting them on their journey to you.
  • If you're overseeing the construction process, we'll follow your lead all the way to ensuring the timely delivery of your Flatpack supplies
  • Should you be managing the connections and any necessary site preparations, we're here to bridge the gap by linking you with our esteemed network of subcontractors.
  • Should Taylormade oversee your site-specific services, they will collaborate closely with you at every step from council consenting and site works, ensuring our construction partners are informed of the scheduled start date for building.
Step 7. Delivery and Handover:  
  • Should your new home not be constructed on site, it will be safely transported to the designated location using our specialized residential moving trailers, where it will be secured in preparation for your takeover. Our dedicated remediation team will meticulously prepare your home/building for the final handover, ensuring everything is in perfect order for when you receive the keys. Our Customer Services Team will keep you informed about the timing well in advance, enabling you or TaylorMade to coordinate your site trades for the moment you gain access to your new abode and our team has completed their work.


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