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Living + Kitchen Pods

Footprint Homes' range of living pods with treated plywood and batten exterior can be supplied fully constructed or as a flatpack. With a range of floor space, the living pods can be comfortably decked out providing plenty of interior space for a combination of beds and bunks or living area, also fitting within most local council building restrictions giving you the option to mix and match around a communal deck.

Once you combine the quality construction, and timeless classic style, with our great customer service, it becomes a no-brainer decision to add extra space and increase the value of your property! Great for communal housing, orchard workers and more... also offering the ease of adding a wall or two to suit your needs.

TITOKI 152   |   Outside Wall Heights
Rear wall 2.8m | Front wall 3.25m
High (front wall) 2.4m | Low (back wall) 2.2m


Lockable Shells


Lockable Shell - Flatpack
from $33,300

Lockable Shell - Constructed
$ - Price to come

Lockable Shell - Flatpack:
Includes everything below for you or your builder of choice to construct to a lockable shell stage.
Note: The shell flatpack does not include items such as plumbing, wiring, wall or ceiling linings.
  • Bearers/skids
  • Assembled steel floor, wall and roof panels
  • Underfloor insulation
  • Ply floor
  • Thermal break to roof and exterior walls
  • Timber landing (if on plan)
  • Un-painted rib profile roofing
  • Vitor + box gutters with PVC downpipes
  • Un-painted batten and ply vertical wall cladding
  • LUX vertical interlocking feature wall cladding
  • Double glazed aluminium joinery

Lockable Shell - Constructed:
Includes one of our construction partners constructing to a lockable shell stage.


Lined and fully insulated


Lined and Insulated - Flatpack
from $37,000

Lined and Insulated - Constructed
from $51,700





NZ Building and code compliant

  • Designs and Working Drawings


  • Wall and ceiling insulation 
  • 12mm thick plywood wall and ceiling linings fitted with a flush V joint
  • Timber skirting, scotia and architraves
  • 15m2 Floor area 
  • H4 Treated timber bearers/skids
  • H3.2 Treated structural plywood flooring
  • Underfloor insulation
  • Steel floor, wall and roof panels
  • Un-painted rib profile roofing
  • Un-painted batten and plywood vertical wall cladding
  • Pre-painted box gutter and PVC downpipes
  • Double glazed windows and doors 
  • 2.2m2 Timber landing
LINED & INSULATED CONSTRUCTED - includes all the above, PLUS:



  • Prewire and fitoff
  • Internal sub board and fuses
  • 16/32 amp caravan connection
  • 4 x internal recessed interior lights, 2 x external
  • 4 double and 2 single power points
  • 1 x 180 degree motion sensor
  • 1 x Photoelectric smoke alarm
  • Inwall heat pump wiring/plumbing only
  • 1 x TV/USB charging point
  • Electrical RW certification signoff


  • Project manage the entire construction
  • Provide all labour to construct the Cabin
  • Fit the roof and gutters/downpipes
  • LBP signoff


Exterior & Interior Paint Supply including labour

Supply labour and materials 3 coats of acrylic

paint to all wall and ceiling linings, doors and

finishing lines. NB: Max 2 colours 



  • Prepipe and fit-off the kitchen sink and gas califont
  • Run waste pipes to underside of the joists
  • Supply and Install 20 litre gas califont
  • 1 x external hose tap
  • Plumbing RW certification sign off


The following UPGRADES are SUPPLY only

Exterior & Interior Paint Supply

  • Paint for 3 coats including a painting kit i.e., brushes, rollers, sandpaper


The following UPGRADES are SUPPLY only

Window Coverings

  • Window coverings knockout roller/venetians


Floor Coverings

  • SPC planking to floors


Electric HWC vs Gas Califont

  • 135ltr MP External HWC in lieu of the gas califont


Upgrade pricing does not include labour costs to complete the plumbing, assemble and install the kitchen, window coverings, lining of the bathroom walls, laying the SPC flooring. etc.


The CCC confirms that the work done complies with the building consent, and shows that the work is legal, compliant and complete.

Our constructed tiny homes do not leave our yard/s without a CCC if they have a kitchen and a bathroom

The estimated cost of obtaining a CCC varies across the country/regions and costs between $2000 to $8000.

Contact us for pricing in your area.

If constructing the tiny home on your site our council consultants can offer advice for Council Site CCC requirements.


Upgrades, delivery to site, council fees, site excavation, foundations or site services.

Pricing is valid until 31/05/23 and can alter slightly dependent on construction yard costs in each region